1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management
“Discover, learn and share about complex systems engineering.”

Scientific Mission

The Story of the CSD&M Conference

Designing complex industrial systems is a fundamental strategic challenge for all large enterprises. A relatively new discipline, centered on systems architecture & engineering has emerged in the academic environment. This discipline intends to develop theory, methods and tools that will allow engineers to manage the increasing complexity of the technical systems they must design and implement.

Mastering complex engineered systems requires a global integrated understanding both of industrial practices and of sophisticated theoretical tools. Thus, the creation of a widely open meeting forum dedicated to all academic researchers and industrial actors who are interested in complex industrial systems engineering, and not limited to the existing specialists of the subject, was crucial. It is actually a sine qua non condition in order to nurture and develop in Europe the complex industrial systems science on the move. That is why CSD&M was first created in 2010 in France. The purpose of the Complex Systems Design & Management (CSD&M) conference is to be such a forum, and to become, an academic-industrial conference of reference in the scientific field of complex industrial systems architecture & engineering.

As CSD&M has been a great success in France since 2010, its Organizers have decided to create another event in the Asia-Pacific zone to enable Asian-Pacific participants to join in the debates in an easier way. CSD&M Asia was therefore created in 2013.

The Scope of the Conference & the Covered Topics

Industrial domains

Technical and scientific methods

System types