1st Asia-Pacific Conference on Complex Systems Design & Management
“Discover, learn and share about complex systems engineering.”



Conference language

The official language of the conference will be English, which is also mandatory for the final papers published in proceedings, according to the regulations of Springer Verlag, editor of the conference proceedings.

The Way for submission of an article:

Camera-ready Paper for proceedings printing: July 31, 2014

After the announcement of the results on the June 16th, the selected papers (i.e. full version of paper selected for a 30-min talk and only the abstract of paper selected for Poster Session will both be published in the conference proceedings) will be called to re-submit a final version through a special system on EasyChair, mandatorily before July 31st. Please arrange your paper in about 12 pages and re-submit it under the same number compulsorily in LateX or Word format (no PDF accepted). To help you to realize the final version of your paper, the Manuscript Guidelines of Springer Verlag could be found below:

PDF - 497 kb

For authors of papers submitted in PowerPoint format (industrial contribution) and selected for a poster session or for a 30-minute talk, they are invited to transform their papers into 1 page abstract or 12-page in Word or LaTex format and to re-submit before the July 31st, 2014 (as requested above) if they wish to be part of the conference proceedings.

More information can be found on the Information for Authors at Springer Verlag’s website.

Evaluation & Acceptance Processes

Two categories of submissions are available: scientific or industrial.

All papers have to be submitted through our electronic submission system "EasyChair" by indicating if this is an academic or an industrial submission. The program committee reserves the right to redirect presentations towards the appropriate category if needed. Each submission will be subject to two referee reports under the responsability of two different members of the program committee.

Contributions will be accepted either for a 30-minute talk or for a poster session.

Submission Process

Scientific submissions

Scientific contributions should present innovative methodological, technical or scientific results. These consists of a PDF (Word or LaTex) of 12 pages maximum. Scientific contributions can be accepted either for a 30-minute talk or for a poster session.

The scientific contributions accepted for a 30-minute presentation will be included in the conference proceedings. At this stage, the document must be re-submitted according to specific SpringerVerlag style (if not the style yet), which means a zip with a 12-page Latex file with separate images or a 12-page Word file including images (see more details here below).

Industrial submissions

The aim of industrial contributions is to present good practices, feedback and case studies. An industrial submission consists either of a 12-page (maximum) Latex or Word in PDF or of a 15-slide (maximum) PowerPoint in PDF. Industrial contributions can be accepted either for a 30-minute talk or for a poster session.

Accepted industrial submissions in Powerpoint will be made available on the conference website and on flash drives given to all participants, and they can be part of the conference proceedings only if the concerned authors transform their PowerPoint format into a 12-page Word or Latex version according to the Springer Verlag style.The refereeing of such articles will be under the responsibility of the two program committee co-chairs, and will take place during the end of the selection process. (see details in the "Submission" part below).

Paper Abstract Submission: Optional - April 6, 2014

Authors are invited to participate (on a voluntary basis) in a pre-submission scheme before April 6, 2014. They can submit their names & affiliations with the topics, keywords & abstract of the contribution they intend to submit later in full version under the same number.

Paper Submission Deadline: April 20, 2014

All authors must submit their papers in PDF format through our electronic submission system before April 20, 2014. No other submission process will be accepted. They can, as mentionned previously, submit their paper as a 12-page Word or LaTex in PDF or as a 15-slide PowerPoint in PDF. The maximum number of pages has to be respected.

Publication of Proceedings

The conference proceedings will be published by Springer Verlag (Science and Engineering) in a dedicated book.